Times Square, New York City, NY

With its neon lights and billboards, Times Square is New York’s most famous landmark and is the liveliest area in Manhattan, located at the intersection of Broadway and 7th Avenue.

In Times Square you will find bars, restaurants, museums, theaters, and a great atmosphere.

When night falls, the lights of Times Square illuminate the city,and locals and tourists alike are totally enchanted by the city's most famous square.

A visit to Times Square is totally unmissable as a visitor to NY. The backdrop to countless films and TV shows, the busiest square in Manhattan, forms the very center of the Big Apple.

The recognizable advertisements are probably the main attraction, wherever you look a show made of color and light!


Valley of the Kings- Egypt

The Valley of the Kingsis The final resting place of the Pharaohs of the New Kingdom, and is home to more than 60 magnificent royal tombs.

Chosen for its remote location in a valley opposite the ancient city of Thebes, now Luxor the necropolis is known to consist of63 tombs of varying grandeur: from simple pits to complex multi-chambered tombs decorated with exquisite reliefs and paintings.

The tombs are opened to the public on rotation to protect them from the damage caused by the presence of visitors, so access depends on when you visit.


Bali, Indonesia

Also known as the Land of the Gods, Bali appeals through its sheer natural beauty of looming volcanoes and lush terraced rice fields that exude peace and serenity. It is also famous for surfers’ paradise! Bali enchants with its dramatic dances and colorful ceremonies, its arts, and crafts, to its luxurious beach resorts and exciting nightlife. And everywhere, you will find intricately carved temples.